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Graffiti Abatement

Is that a mural… or random assault by Aerosol? Looking for a company with years of experience ridding various surfaces of spray paint, marker ink and just about any other item you can ‘art’ with? Contact our team of professionals to handle your graffiti job (er, we mean exhibit) using abatement techniques. Whether it’s new paint, solvent removal, or pressure washing – our team will handle the graffiti in a timely manner, so you can comply with city ordinances and not receive a fine.         

We’ll leave the Bob Ross trees alone.  Tell us about your Graffiti job today!

Graffiti Abatement with Dome Cleaning

Graffiti abatement services in San Francisco provided by Dome Cleaning, Inc  – we aim to remove or cover up graffiti in public spaces, private properties, and urban areas. These services help maintain the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings and prevent the spread of vandalism. Effective graffiti abatement often involves a combination of these strategies to address the issue comprehensively and discourage future incidents. Here are some common types of graffiti abatement services:

Graffiti Removal

Chemical Cleaning

Using graffiti removal chemicals or solvents to break down and wash away the graffiti.

Hot Pressure Washing

High-pressure hot water can be effective in removing graffiti from various surfaces.

Sand Blasting

Abrasive materials, such as sand, are propelled against the surface to remove graffiti.

Painting Over


Applying matching paint to cover up the graffiti and restore the original appearance.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Applying specialized coatings that make it easier to remove graffiti without damaging the underlying surface.

Other Ways You Can Support Your Community

Community Engagement and Education:

Community Programs

Educating communities about the negative impact of graffiti and promoting community involvement in abatement efforts.

Youth Outreach Programs

Engaging with young people to discourage graffiti vandalism through education and mentorship.

Surveillance and Rapid Response:

Surveillance Cameras

Installing security cameras in high-risk areas to deter graffiti vandals and provide evidence for law enforcement.

Rapid Response Teams

Quick response to reports of new graffiti to remove or cover it promptly. We can be a part or your team on this, just give us a call to create a plan.

Legal Consequences:

Collaboration with Law Enforcement

Working with local law enforcement, such as SFFD’s Graffiti Enforcement Program, to identify and apprehend graffiti vandals.

Enforcement of Anti-Graffiti Laws:

Implementing and enforcing local ordinances and laws against graffiti vandalism.

Technology Solutions:

Anti-Graffiti Films

Applying a protective film to surfaces to make it easier to clean off graffiti without damaging the substrate.

Graffiti Databases

Utilizing technology to track and analyze graffiti patterns, aiding in prevention and law enforcement efforts.

Education and Outreach:

School Programs

Educating students about the consequences of graffiti and promoting a sense of community responsibility.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Raising awareness about the costs and impact of graffiti vandalism on the community.

Public Art Initiatives:

Murals and Street Art

Encouraging and commissioning public art projects to beautify urban spaces and reduce the likelihood of illegal graffiti.


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