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HOAs & Apartment Buildings

You need a cleaning service that has ‘seen it all’. And nothing says ‘all’ like San Francisco’s vibrant collection of residents. The team at Dome has successfully serviced every manner of dwelling on every scale. We are ready to make your HOA or apartment building shine. From high rise to sublet, we have custom cleaning programs to fit all needs. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Neighborhood Associations

The Bay Area is home to many unique communities. In some neighborhoods the citizens have banded together to create organizations to make improvements. What are the conditions like in your neighborhood? Is there illegal dumping, graffiti, accumulations of litter and trash? If you’re working together with your neighbors to make improvements, Dome Cleaning is ready for action! Call Dome Cleaning today for a professional cleaning proposal for Neighborhood Associations and community benefit districts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Homeowner’s Association Services

Welcome to a homeowner’s association where pristine surroundings and community well-being take center stage. Our professional cleaning services are tailored to elevate the living experience for residents, ensuring a consistent standard of cleanliness and visual appeal throughout the community. From meticulously maintained common areas to sparkling amenities, we prioritize the health, safety, and satisfaction of every resident. With a commitment to excellence, our cleaning services not only enhance property values but also cultivate a positive community image. Discover the convenience and benefits of outsourcing your cleaning needs to our team at Dome Cleaning, Inc., as we work diligently to create a welcoming and attractive environment that residents can be proud to call home. Call us today for a free estimate for janitorial HOA services in San Francisco.

General Cleaning

Janitorial cleaning services cover a broad spectrum of tasks, including dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and trash removal. These services ensure cleanliness in common areas, restrooms, and more, promoting a healthy and pleasant environment in various settings.

Uniform Cleaning

Professional cleaning services with Dome Cleaning, Inc., ensure a consistent and uniform level of cleanliness throughout the homeowner’s association. This contributes to an overall positive aesthetic appeal and standardizes cleanliness standards for all residents.

Garbage Pick Up & Hauling

Trash removal swiftly clears and disposes of unwanted waste, ensuring a clean environment. Our professional services handle various types of waste, offering a convenient and responsible solution for both residential and commercial needs – plus we offer oversized item removal.

Community Health & Safety

Regular cleaning practices contribute to a healthier living environment by minimizing allergens, dust, and potential health hazards. This is especially crucial in shared spaces like community centers, gyms, lobbies, or pool areas.

Customized Cleaning Plans

We can tailor our offerings through Dome Cleaning, Inc. to meet the specific needs of a homeowner’s association (or apartment building). This flexibility ensures that all communal areas, walkways, and facilities are appropriately addressed.

Consistent Maintenance

Regular cleaning services contribute to the consistent maintenance of shared and common area spaces, helping prevent deterioration or damage. This proactive approach can potentially reduce long-term repair or replacement costs.

Positive Community Image

A clean and well-maintained homeowner’s association fosters a positive community image. This can lead to increased resident satisfaction and a sense of pride among community members.

Time and Effort Savings

Our cleaning services save residents and the homeowner’s association valuable time and effort. Our professionals can efficiently handle tasks like sweeping, mopping, and trash removal, allowing residents to focus on their daily lives.

Compliance with Regulations

Some homeowner’s associations may have specific guidelines or rules related to property maintenance. Our team at Dome Cleaning, Inc. can assist in ensuring that these standards are met, avoiding potential conflicts.

Professional cleaning services within homeowner’s associations contribute to a clean, attractive, and healthy living environment while saving residents time and effort. It’s a valuable investment that positively impacts property values and community well-being. So, give our team a call at Dome Cleaning, Inc. for a free estimate on HOA Janitorial Services in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Specialized Cleaning

In addition to our HOA and Apartment Building Janitorial Cleaning services in San Francisco, we take pride in offering specialized cleaning solutions designed to address the unique needs of various surfaces within your property. Our commitment to the proper care and maintenance of your property extends to specialized services such as:

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Hard Floor Care

Graffiti Removal

Natural Stone Care

Garage Floor Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Comprehensive Cleaning

Embracing a comprehensive approach to property maintenance, our services seamlessly integrate janitorial cleaning with specialized cleaning, ensuring a thorough and all-encompassing solution for your property’s needs. Beyond the routine tasks of janitorial cleaning, our specialized services target specific surfaces and areas with precision and expertise. Whether it’s revitalizing carpets, maintaining the luster of hard surfaces, ensuring crystal-clear windows, or addressing unique cleaning requirements, our comprehensive approach guarantees that every aspect of your property receives the attention it deserves. This synergy of janitorial and specialized cleaning not only enhances the overall cleanliness but also contributes to a well-maintained, visually appealing, and inviting environment for residents and visitors alike. Trust us for a holistic cleaning solution that goes beyond the ordinary, elevating the standards of cleanliness for your property.


What's Included

  • Regularly scheduled janitorial service catered to your property.
  • Additional Specialized or Deep Cleaning Services, such as: carpet cleaning, marble polishing, garage cleaning, pressure washing, and more.

How it Works

  • We will create a comprehensive proposal uniquely suited to care for your office.
  • There is a 10% discount on all specialized and deep-cleaning services.
  • You choose which services will be performed, and when.
  • Services are pre-scheduled. You know in advance when the work is going to be done. There’s no need to approve additional jobs. Or waiting for things to get dirty.
  • Your annual cleaning fees are broken up into one convenient, consistent monthly fee.
  • There are no months with larger expenses or additional payments.

What's to Expect

  • Your property will be maintained in a cleaner and first-class condition. • Less work managing and approving cleaning work.
  • Less work for your accounting department.