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What Our Clients Have To Say

I worked with the owner Alan and some of his staff extensively over the past year. They are wonderful people and super passionate about getting your place as clean as possible for the best price. I have seen the work performed by Barney, Shannon and their crews… it is top notch craftsmanship! For example, they got the building lobby stone floors bright and like new after being neglected for years by the prior building ownership. I recommend them highly for janitorial and specialized cleaning services. They carry all the IIRC expert certifications, and are a “Green” cleaning company, too.

Wendy L.

I don’t have a touching story about how they came to my cleaning rescue, but we use Dome for our San Francisco office and they do a great job. Our office is clean (floors, trash, bathroom, etc.), they do it at a great price, and are nice people to work with. It doesn’t get better than that…

Ivan M.

I am a Property Manager. I’ve used DOME at several large HOA buildings in San Francisco for approximately five years. They do outstanding work! Their janitorial crew is reliable and they have great attention to detail. I highly recommend their services.

Nick B.

i had carpets that had not been cleaned in 10 years. the guys arrived a few minutes early, had an equipment problem which was quickly and efficiently solved anc make concentric cirles of clean apprear until the entire apartment looked great. they were conscientious, careful and considerate and accomplished a difficult task quickly and perfectly i highly recommend them to anyone needing this service

Ira L.