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Professional Cleaning Services – Making the Bay Area a Cleaner Place since 1996.

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It’s time for us to come clean: We want property and office managers, construction companies and homeowners to see us as the most trusted cleaning company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a variety of green seal-certified cleaning services that are tailor-made to meet you and your property’s specific cleaning needs.

HOA Services

We take great pride in offering first-class professional janitorial and maintenance services to homeowner associations and HOA managers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Office Cleaning

An office manager's best friend - outstanding nighttime cleaning services and great day porters. Our superlative customer service staff can also staff event cleanings and many different types of specialized cleanings.

Specialized Services

We don’t mess around! From Clean Trust Certified carpet and upholstery cleaning and natural stone care to commercial and HOA garage cleaning, if there’s something you need cleaned, just ask.

Community Services

We care about communities. We work with Community Benefit Districts and neighborhood associations to help improve the cleanliness of our neighborhoods, including street sweeping, litter pickup, graffiti removal and garbage hauling for abandoned items.

Floor Care

We can do almost any type of floor maintenance from steam cleaning your carpet to deep cleaning the dirtiest garage floor. Whether you need your tile and vinyl floors stripped and waxed or your natural stone floors honed, polished and sealed, you’ll be floored by our results!

Home Services

We provide a variety of services from carpet and upholstery cleaning to polishing stainless steel and natural stone surfaces. We even do windows! Whether you’re moving in, moving out, in need of some spring cleaning (or fall cleaning or summer cleaning), we help you get your house in order.


We have worked hard to bring together the right people to make your experience working with Dome Cleaning, Inc. efficient and enjoyable.

“There’s no stopping the mopping!” I’ve been saying this since I started Dome Cleaning in 1996. But don’t worry you’re not too late: We haven’t stopped mopping yet. All the great people at Dome and I are ready today and every day to help make your world a cleaner place.
Alan Marwill
My career at Dome Cleaning began while I was still in high school. I worked part time until graduating from SF State in 2004 with a degree in psychology. I really appreciate the opportunities I’ve had at Dome Cleaning to become an expert in my field. I don’t clean very often any more. Now-a-days my job entails mostly working on sales, budgets, cleaning inspections, employee training and meeting with customers.
Barney Kelly
Director of Cleaning
I joined Dome in 2011, starting as a staff accountant. Over the years, I have grown with the company, becoming Assistant Controller and now Controller. Not only do I love Accounting, but I also appreciate the opportunity to use all my language skills in my job translating English and Chinese for my employees and clients.
Alison Kong
The nighttime is the right time! I love working for Dome Cleaning at night because there’s no traffic. It’s easy to get around! While everyone else is sleeping, I’m still sweeping. I’ve worked at Dome Cleaning since 2008. I love the people I work with, and I find our customer’s appreciation of our great nighttime cleaning services very rewarding.
Shannon Wells
Assistant Director of Cleaning
As the HR Manager at Dome Cleaning, it’s my job to make sure our cleaners are appropriately recruited and supported. I do this by listening to our employees and making sure their voices are heard. I also value Dome Cleaning’s approach to lifelong learning and career development. All of Dome's employees enjoy working together in a super supportive environment.
Karen Lam
HR Manager

We’re a business of making dirty things look like new (or as close to it as possible!) and here are just a few of our Before and After images!

Garage Cleaning

We detail swept, applied degreaser and scrubbed this garage floor.

Linoleum Cleaning

Making a dirty, scuffed floor look shiny and new!

Graffiti Abatement

We use various techniques to remove or cover unsightly graffiti tags.

Area Rug Cleaning

On or offsite cleaning for a wide variety of area rug fibers.

Railing Cleaning

Removal of dirt and deposits to help your railings look like new!

Pressure Washing

From awnings, to alleyways, to garages and more, pressure washing removes dirt, debris, bubble gum and more.

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A Bit About Who We Are

Dome Cleaning is headquartered in San Francisco’s Soma District. We work primarily for HOA’s, office managers, and construction companies. We also provide professional specialized cleaning services to homeowners in their residences as well as for commercial and professional customers. We don’t just care about clean office buildings, homes and properties. We care about a clean environment, too.

Dome Cleaning offers green seal-certified cleaning services, which includes using eco-friendly cleaning products.  Dome Cleaning encourages an enjoyable and supportive team environment. Our employees come from numerous diverse backgrounds and we speak many languages. Our managers work very hard to make Dome Cleaning a great place to work for all of our employees. We always look to promote and hire our employees from our current staff. We provide many trainings and educational opportunities for employees of Dome Cleaning at all levels.

We look forward to making you a part of the Dome Cleaning, Inc. Family!