IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration

Water LeakA small water leak or minor flood can lead to high levels of stress, as well as to bills and insurance claims that can keep adding up. Did you know that the same company that you know and trust to take care of your buildings, inside and out, is also IICRC Certified to clean up and remediate category one “clean” water damage?


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Types of Water Leak We Handle:

Category 1 Water:
This is categorized as water that is clean at the releasing source and does not pose a hazard if consumed by humans. Water may become progressively contaminated as it mixes with soils on or within floor covering or building assemblies. Time and temperature can cause Category 1 water to degrade as it promotes the growth of microorganisms.

Class 1, Slow Rate of Evaporation:
Water losses affecting only part of a room or area; or losses with low- permeance/porosity materials (e.g. plywood, particle board, structural wood, VCT, concrete). Little or no wet carpet and/or cushion is present (or damage is confined to a small area, or wet for a short period). Minimum moisture is absorbed by materials, which release that moisture slowly.

Air moverDome Cleaning, Inc. is ready to come to the rescue to help you every step of the way with minor floods, leaks and damage - while saving you money! Our efficient and resilient workers and office staff, along with our quick response will ensure your complete satisfaction.