IICRC / Clean Trust Certified Upholstery Care

UpholsteryThe furniture and floors in your home or office are often two of your largest investments. Many remember to have their carpets professionally cleaned, but they often forget their upholstery also needs regular professional care. As with carpet, there are many ways to clean upholstery. Unlike carpet, hot water extraction is not the best cleaning method, as it can be damaging to the fabric. Most upholstery is made from natural fibers which may be very sensitive to hot water and over-wetting.

At Dome Cleaning, Inc., we use a dry foam method. Because it uses very little water, it is safe for any material (like silk, wool, chenille, damask, leather, microfiber, cotton blend, velvet, etc) and most dyes.

The only fabrics we don't clean are rayon or viscose. These "fake silk" fabrics have incredibly weak fibers, causing them distort, shed/matte easily, release dyes when exposed to water, and yellow when exposed to moisture and light..

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Quote for Testimonials

“…While replacing 15 fire sprinklers in my ceiling, a construction crew first covered the sofas with greasy handprints then completely splattered them with rusty water. Animals! The story has a happy ending. A certified master textile cleaner from Dome took two visits (one on a holiday) to restore both sofas to mint condition, and the construction goons will eat the cost. For any of your customer’s cleaning needs, I heartily endorse the professional services of Barney Kelly at Dome Cleaning, Inc.."
      - Matthew, 645 Haight Street Homeowner