Pressure Washing or Auto Scrubbing

Pressure washing, or auto scrubbing, can effectively clean exterior surfaces and remove stubborn messes that sweeping and manual scrubbing may not be able to eradicate. Let Dome Cleaning, Inc. take care of your building exteriors and walkways so that the first impression of residents and visitors is a great one!

Here are some of the surfaces that Dome Cleaning, Inc. can pressure wash to benefit you and your buildings:

Pressure washing

Dome Cleaning, Inc. makes it easy to keep your building looking great! Our variable setting pressure washers enable us to clean almost any mess, while still protecting the underlying surface. We can even add a cleaning agent or degreaser to our pressure washing machines for maximum cleaning power. Click here to learn more about our Garage Cleaning services, or check out our amazing Before and After Pictures, especially our Resilient Floor shots!

Window washingWindow Washing

We can detail clean interior and exterior windows, panels, and glass doors in your home, Homeowners Association, or commercial space. This service can be performed up to two (2) stories high. A great time to perform this service is annually along with your building's facade cleaning, or after the rainy season. Email or call us at (415) 442-0766 for a free estimate or more details.


Regularly Scheduled Services

Your sidewalks, entry ways and windows are some of the places that your visitors and clients see and use the most. Having cleaning services performed on a regularly scheduled basis is a great way to keep these areas in first class condition. This way you never have to worry about how they look, we will take care of that for you!