Garbage & Hauling Services

GarbageIt all starts with a small pile of unused items, an old chair shoved in the corner... before you know it, you have a mountain of junk, and you don’t have the time or the truck to dispose of it. Maybe you just have a few oversized items that your garbage company won’t take away? Did the tenants in your building dump old furniture in the garbage room?

Give us a call at Dome Cleaning, Inc. and let us take care of your hauling needs!

  Old furniture or other over-sized items.
  Remodeling or construction debris.
  Cardboard boxes or packaging material.
  Excess trash from a recent move, party, or event.

  E-waste items (computer equipment, electronics, etc.)
  Latex paint cans.

  Something else? Give us a call!

Problem with odors, insects, or rodents in your trash rooms?

Regular build up, lack of deep cleaning, plus the transition of using the compost bins can become a large (and smelly!) problem for many properties. Give us a call to have your floors and bins (interior and exterior) cleaned on a one-time or regular basis. Plus, ask us about our Compostable Bags - they cut down on spills, odors, insects and rodents!