Our Commitment to a Better Environment

At Dome Cleaning, Inc. we are dedicated to creating a better environment by focusing on recycling and by conserving natural resources. We do this not only within our office, but also work with our clients to learn more about recycling, better lighting practices, and to provide information and resources to help you do your part!

At each of our properies, our employees are actively engaged in recycling (glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries, lights, and more!) and composting refuse. We are proud to be doing our part to create a better environment and community.

Starting October 21, 2009, the Universal Recycling and Composting Ordinance required San Francisco residents and businesses to separate their refuse into three different color-coded bins: green for compost, blue for recycling, and black for trash.

Learn more about the three bins below:

Compost BinGreen= Compost Bin:

Blue BinBlue= Recycling Bin:

Trash BinBlack= Trash:

Whether it is placing plastic bottles in a recycling bin, composting food waste, or turning off lights, your effort in terms of recycling will greatly reduce the overall environmental impact in our community.