What is Carpet Protectant & Why do You Need it?

Carpets are treated for stain resistance when they are manufactured. Over time, the protectants wear off, leaving your carpet exposed to the evils of soil, stains, and dirt. Carpet protectants should be reapplied after cleaning to seal any scratches in the carpet fiber, help prevent dulling, and provide protection from stains. Since the biggest enemy of protectants is abrasion from traffic and, since traffic varies with each situation, protectants should be reapplied after each cleaning.

Check your carpet warranty: many carpet manufacturers not only require professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months to keep the warranty active, they may also recommend the reapplication of carpet protectants.


Quote for Testimonials

This story starts out with a cute 8 month old puppy. A puppy that really needs to be supervised at all times. Woops!

The evening of May 1st I discovered that said cute puppy had pulled a black eyeliner pencil out of my purse and destroyed it all over the beige berber carpet (we're in a rental, ouch!). Somehow she managed to spread it over an area of at least 2 ft square. I was speechless and not going near that greasy mess for anything.

Monday morning I called Dome and explained the situation. I was put on hold while the receptionist checked and she came back on the line to say that they thought they could get it up but no guarantees. That actually made me feel better, since that seemed realistic and they weren't trying to sell me some sort of miracle.

Wednesday afternoon two guys show up, ask me a few questions, and get down to business. The couple times I went up to check on them they were hard at work. Once done I was told that it was possible that when it dried I might see some slightly darker areas, but they had done the best they could. Well, it's now two weeks later and it looks like new. I can't believe it!

I'm a fan and will definitely be calling them for any future carpet cleaning!"
      - Judi S., Homeowner

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