Carpet Cleaning Methods

The cleaning methods we use are industry and manufacturer recommended methods.
The most frequently used method of carpet cleaning that we use is the Hot Water Extraction Method. This method uses detergent, steam, pressure, and extraction techniques to remove soil left in carpets that vacuuming alone cannot remove. This type of carpet cleaning provides the deepest cleaning and is, therefore, the recommended method for most carpets, especially those with high traffic areas. For synthetic carpets, this process usually takes 6-8 hours to dry, and 24 hours for natural fiber carpets. This method is recommended by Mohawk, Shaw Industries, and the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute), the largest manufactures of carpet and carpet care industries in the USA.

This method of carpet cleaning uses detergent, cold water, lighter pressure, and extraction techniques to remove the remaining soil left in the carpet or rug that vacuuming alone cannot remove. This type of cleaning works best for oriental rugs, silk rugs, and other textiles that are not as durable as synthetic fibers. Cold water extraction reduces the amount of color fading, running, and shrinking in carpets.

Substances that remain after performing two cleaning services are considered stains or damage. The remediation of stains or damage could require additional techniques that would be considered restoration techniques. The best way to prevent stains and damage is to properly take care of your carpets at home, schedule regular professional maintenance cleaning, and schedule the application of carpet protectant products.


Quote for Testimonials

I have used Dome three times in the past 5 or 6 years, and I am very satisfied.  

They showed up exactly on time. The head tech, Frank, remembered my place -- even my skittish kitty.  And the last time he had been there was three years ago!

They were in and out in flash.... I have no idea why I took the entire morning off of work..... In by 9am and out a little before 10am. I should have gone shopping or gone to the spa.   Or gotten my nails done or something.
But, instead, I went into work..

Everytime I feel like I have to re-carpet my place, I get it cleaned by Dome instead.  Looks brand new!"
      - Jennifer S., Homeowner

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